Follow these steps to access Symbility invoices for the past year and detailed monthly Billed Claims reports for your company.

Please note that only a company administrator can view and modify billing information in Symbility.

First, open Claims Connect.  Go to (or in Canada, and log in to your Symbility administrator account.

From the Administration menu, select Invoice List.

The Invoice List page will show your past year's worth of invoices available to download, any outstanding balance you may have, and your billed claims for the past 12 months.  

The table Last 12 Invoices contains links to your previous invoices, in PDF form.  Click the invoice Number [1] to open or download the PDF.

Your invoice will list the total of charges for your claims or other charges in the month of the invoices and any third-party orders, such as SkyMeasure.  To view the details of which claims were charged, you may open a report from the section Billed Claims of Last 12 Months. You may click on any month in the past 12 months to open a report of your billed claims [2].  If your company has branches, and billing is centralized, you may also click the month (including branches) [3] in order to see a complete picture of your company's billed claims.