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As an independent adjuster new to CoreLogic, you will first need to create an account for yourself or your company on Claims ConnectPlease be aware that this requires a working Internet connection.


The following guide describes how to:

1) Register a CoreLogic account (Claims Connect/Mobile Claims)

2) Download and install Mobile Claims

3) Fully activate your account


You will initially be registered as a Trial member which will allow you to try out the software, but it is only after you have fully activated your account that you will appear on the CoreLogic network and can begin to receive claims and assignments from independent adjusting companies and insurance companies. As a Trial member, you will only be able to create temporary* claims and diagrams but cannot print any claims nor receive any assignments.


* = Please note that for any temporary or training claim you create, once you’re done with the claim, please set the status of the claim to “Closed (Invalid)” before the end of the calendar month to avoid being billed for this claim. If done after, a credit will be applied for future claims (if you are an SUIA account, please let us know so we can apply the credit manually).


1) Register a CoreLogic account (Claims Connect/Mobile Claims)


1. For US customers, please go to Alternatively, if you are in Canada, please go to  If you are in another country, you can switch countries via the drop-down menu in the bottom-right corner.


The company accounts, when created, are country-specific, and cannot be changed afterward. Please ensure that you are in the correct country by selecting the correct flag for your country from the drop-down list.


log in country



2. At the bottom of the login window, click on the link that reads “Don’t have a Symbility account? Here’s how.”



dont have account



3. Click anywhere on the Independent adjuster or adjusting firm section.




4. On the following page, click anywhere in either the Single user (1099) section or the Small firm section, depending on which account you require. Please note the differences between the Single user (1099) and Small firm company types, particularly the fees charged.


If you are a larger organization, handle a large volume of claims, or otherwise have particular business needs, please click on the Mid-large firm section to find the contact information to get in touch with us.





5. Clicking on Local service provider will guide you to the FORM OF END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT (EULA) page - Symbility's license agreement. Read the license agreement and click on I Agree in the bottom-right corner to proceed.


6. Complete the Contact Information and click on NEXT at the bottom of the page.


This will be the primary contact for the company account, including a phone number and email where they can be reached. Be aware that fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. For example, the Tax ID Number is not mandatory but can be filled in if you so desire.


Important: For Company names, you cannot use the “/” symbol. Also, for Single-User (1099) accounts, please put in your full name as the “Company name” and not the name of the carrier or IA firm you are working for.


Note that this information can be modified in Claims Connect by an admin user account in the account’s Company Information if ever this information needs to be updated.


One thing to be mindful of is the Country and State/Province drop-down menus. Because they tend to refresh whenever changes are made, please double-check that they are correct before clicking on NEXT.




7. Verify the Company preferences and make any necessary changes as you desire. Once finished, click on NEXT. As with the Company information, these preferences can also be adjusted by you at any time in Claims Connect.




8. Finally, you have the admin user account creation page. The company account requires at least one administrator user account to be created to have full access and authority over the company account.


This is the user account you will be using to access the company account via Claims Connect, as well as in Mobile Claims. The admin user can also create other users from within Claims Connect as required via “User Accounts” in the top-right drop-down menu. NOTE: For SUIA accounts, the number of user accounts permitted is limited to three (3) in total.


Once the information has been filled in including the matching passwords, click on FINISH below to complete the account creation process. The company contact (and admin user account) email address entered should receive a welcome email along with a registration confirmation email confirming the account creation.






2) Download and install Mobile Claims


Now that the company account, and admin user account within it, have been created, you can go back to the Claims Connect login page to log in with your newly created user account.


Once inside, you are typically prompted to update the billing information to fully activate your account. This is not required as you can continue using the account under the Trial status, but fully activating it does require inputting the billing information (see next section).


In the top-right corner, you should see the name you put in under the admin user account creation. Click on it to activate the main drop-down menu. 


Refer to the image below for common menu options such as Company Information, Company Preferences, User Accounts, and Download Mobile Claims. Also, note the chat box and the circle with the question mark next to the name in the top-right corner. This is the way to chat with the technical support team and access the help options, respectively.


Clicking on the Download Mobile Claims option will bring up the screen with the link to download to Windows Desktop (Mobile Claims is not available for iOS). A Mobile Claims app with limited functionality is also available on the Apple and Android app stores. Try our CAPTURE app for building claims while in the field.




Follow the prompts to download and install Mobile Claims. Once it is installed, you can log in with your user account, the same one you use for Claims Connect.


3) Fully activate your account


As mentioned earlier, to fully activate your account and to appear on the Symbility | CoreLogic Claims network, you will need to input your credit card* info in the billing information.


* = IMPORTANT: You must use a regular credit card for your billing information, not a prepaid credit card or a debit card, as neither of these methods of payment are accepted.


As a reminder, a Trial account cannot receive assignments as the account is not visible to outside companies, nor can it print any claims while in Trial status.


You can access Billing through the same upper-right corner name menu, under the Admin column (see below). There is also the Invoices page underneath it which will give you access to the invoices and billed claims list. Invoices are generated automatically at the beginning of each month and your card on file will be charged for the invoiced amount.


Once in the Billing screen, click on “Modify billing information” in the top-left section of the page and input your credit card information. Once it is saved and approved, your account will be fully activated. Please ensure the information is complete and accurate to avoid any issues with authentication.


Also note the billing email section next to it. The billing email is where invoices are sent to. This too can be modified as needed.






Finally, to find your Symbility ID (the ID to identify you on the Symbility platform and what you provide to other companies to identify you), you can find this information in the drop-down menu under “Company Info”.


All Done!


You are now ready to use the Symbility | CoreLogic Claims software. Below is the contact information for Technical Support along with links to Training resources.


For support in English, call toll-free at 1-877-862-8069

Customer Care is available 24x7 in North America



For billing inquiries and questions about your account, call toll-free at 1-888-579-8053

Monday-Friday | 8am-6pm (ET)



Finally, here are some links to Training resources:

Symbility Training Space

Webinars and Virtual Training

Self-Paced Training Videos

YouTube Training Videos


Thanks for choosing CoreLogic!

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