Creating an Account - Independent Adjusters

To begin working with CoreLogic Claims Connect and Mobile Claims, follow the steps below to create and activate an account.                                                                                                                                                             

Note:  In order to participate in a training class, it is mandatory that you promote your company from a trial to a permanent membership status. (See the steps below to 'Fully activate your account.')  

Sign up for a Claims Connect/Mobile Claims account

1. Go to (US) or (Canada).  If you are in a different country follow the instructions below to switch regions.

Ensure that you are in the correct region by selecting the flag for your country from the drop-down list.

Note: We can't change regions later, so be sure to select the correct one!  The page will refresh before you can continue.

2. Click the link that reads "Don’t have a Symbility account? Here's how."

3. Choose Independent adjuster or adjusting firm and click Select.

4. Choose your role and click TRY IT FOR FREE.  

Which option should I choose?

Choose Single-User (1099) if:

- You are in business for yourself, or working as a contractor/1099 for another IA firm or a carrier.

Single-User (1099) accounts are specially designed for Symbility's independent adjuster users and have a maximum on billed claims of $180 per month. (Third-party orders placed via the software, such as SkyMeasure roof reports, are not included in this maximum.)

Choose Small Firm if:

- Your company has multiple adjusters who will be working in Symbility - and you will need to add multiple user accounts.

- You may need access to our reporting tools to keep track of your work in the software.

5.  Scroll to the bottom of the  “FORM OF END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT” page.

Read the license agreement and click I Agree. 


6. Complete the Contact Information and click NEXT. 

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

Note:  If you need to change this information, it is possible to do so at a later date (e.g., if you need to provide a Tax ID Number.)

7. Select the Company preferences and click NEXT. This information can also be adjusted by you at any time.

8. Complete the Admin account information and click FINISH. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. First name, last name and e-mail are pre-filled from the company contact information, but may be changed.

A registration validation email will be sent to the email address entered for the Administrator account so please double-check to make sure that you have typed it correctly.

Note: When choosing a password, please remember that it must be at least 8 characters long. It must also contain characters from 3 of these 4 categories:
► Uppercase letters
► Lowercase letters
► Numbers
► Symbols ($@#!...)

Example: IMa#1099

9.  Select yes, to "Keep in touch with Symbility!"

Fully activate your Account

As noted above, when you first create your account you will be a Trial Member and will only be able to create temporary claims and will not be able to print claims or receive assignments until you fully activate your account.  You will also need to activate your account in order to participate in a training class.  

To activate the account, credit card information must be entered, but our credit card will not be charged until you transmit a claim file.  

Follow these steps:


2. On the Billing page enter the email address to which invoices would be sent and the credit card informationthen click Submit. The address for the credit card must match the billing address on file with your credit card provider.  Your credit card will not be charged until you transmit a claim file.  

3. Now that you've completed these steps you will have a fully functioning Mobile Claims and Claims Connect, and are ready to be added as a vendor by the network or carrier you are working for.  The company you're working with may request your unique Symbility ID - click here to learn how to view the Symbility ID.

What's Next?

Download and Install Mobile Claims

Once you are logged into Claims Connect, you need to download and install Mobile Claims.  Click the link below for instructions.  

Download and Install Mobile Claims

If you have questions or would like assistance setting up your account please click here to contact Symbility Customer Care. 

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