Company Information changes

Company Information can be modified from the MY COMPANY > Company Info menu option.  From this page, you'll be able to update your logo, address and your company's contact information.  If you need to update User Information, please see our User Information update guide.

Click on your name in the upper right and then select Company Info.

In the smaller screen, click on the hamburger menu in the upper left and then select MY COMPANY. You will see Company Info under MY COMPANY.

On this page you'll see: Company Type and Symbility ID (1).  You can update your logo (2) and your company's main contact information (3)


Company Type can be modified by contacting us.  If you want to change your Company Type (ie, you're a contractor but signed up as an Independent Adjuster), we'd be happy to assist you in changing this - contact us at 1-888-579-5013, option 2, or

Contact information can be modified in this section, including contact person, address, phone/fax and email, and also add your Tax ID number.  (This information will be visible to other users in Symbility who are working with you on claims.)

You can't modify your country on this page - we have different versions of Symbility in different regions, each with their local pricing databases.  If you signed up in the wrong region, you will have to recreate your account in the correct region.  For example, if you're in Canada and signed up for the US Symbility site, you may recreate your account at  Contact 1-888-579-5013, option 2, or if you need assistance, or if you would like to request that we disable an account created in the wrong region.

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