The Claim Assignments Page

The claim Assignments Page differs from the global Assignments List because it’s part of an actual claim file. It’s a great tool as it provides you an easy way to compare multiple assignments at the same time. You can review the important milestones of each assignment, make sure everything is on track, and update the assignment’s status all from just one place.

There’re actually a few different ways you could access the claim Assignments Page.  In this article we’ll explore how to access it by opening a claim file.  Clicking a claim in your Claims List will open the claim file.  When the claim opens you’ll see some tabs displayed in the center of the screen that read Timeline, Loss Summary, Assignments, and Documentation. These act as menus and will help you navigate the different pages within the claim file.  Selecting Assignments opens the claim Assignments page. 

Filtering Assignments

When the claim Assignments Page is open, you’ll now see all assignments associated with that claim file displayed.  In the top left-hand corner there’s a tool that allows you to filter assignments.  You can filter assignments using various criteria which allows you to focus on what’s important to you.  For example you may want to see assignments meant for specific companies, assignments sent between specific dates, or only assignments that are in progress.

Monitoring Assignments and Changing Statuses

Let’s take a look at some assignments in the claim Assignments Page.  Each row represented here corresponds to an assignment and contains valuable information.  This is an area you’ll want to keep an eye on because it’ll help you monitor important details about assignment statuses, view who’s participating in the assignment, send new assignments, and change statuses, etc.

Color Coding

Notice that each assignment in the image above is a different color.  Each color corresponds to a status and will change as your assignment progresses through various statuses.  For example when the assignment is sent or received the color displayed will be blue, whereas when it's marked completed it changes to green.  This feature is meant to give you an overview of where your assignments are at in the claim's life-cycle simply by taking a glance at the claim Assignments Page. 

Now we’ll look at an individual assignment.  On the left-hand side you'll see the assignment name and type, the assignee, and the current assignment status listed.

Let’s take a closer look at what happens when you select this area on the left.  When you click the assignment type, assignee, or current status a blade menu opens up on the right-hand side of your screen.  The blade will display additional details about that assignment.  You can review the assignment details, notes, and timeline from the General tab.  There’re also other tabs you can explore.  For example, clicking the Statuses tab will show you your current and previous statuses, as well as allow you to change statuses.  An advantage of changing the statuses here is that it gives you the ability to update multiple statuses at the same time, which is a great time saver.  Make sure you click Save in the top right-hand corner to save any status changes. 

In the middle, you can see when milestones were reached for each assignment. When you hover your mouse over a milestone you'll see additional details displayed like the corresponding date and time when the milestone occurred.

On the right-hand side you’ll see a section called Next Steps. Here, Claims Connect will propose the next logical status to you.  In this example, the assignment has already been completed so the next logical status is to Reopen it.

Selecting the button underneath Next Steps will change the status and you’ll be prompted to confirm it. 

Note that if you need to update the assignment to a different status other than the ones already proposed, you can do so by clicking the “…” button.

Thanks for reading about the claim Assignments Page!

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