The Global Assignments List

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The Global Assignments List

When you first log into Claims Connect you'll see various tabs across the top of your screen. These act as different menus and will help you navigate the site.  

When you select the Assignments tab it will load your global Assignments List.  Think of it as a master list where you can see all assignments that your company is involved with. 

Each row represents an assignment with important data being displayed in columns, and each assignment is part of a claim file. 

Filtering Assignments

The Assignments Filter is a great tool to help you locate assignments quickly.    You can filter your assignments based off of various criteria such as Assignee, Assignment Dates, Assignment status, and Loss Address, etc.   

Customizing the Assignments List

There’re several ways you can customize how the data represented in your assignments list gets organized and displayed.  The way you choose to configure your list may be different than another user but that's the great thing about customizing! 

Clicking the gear icon in the top right-hand corner of the list allows you to access tools like Select Columns and Group.

Select Columns

The columns that you see in the list categorize assignment data such as the Assignee, Assignment Type, the date the assignment was sent or received, etc. You can determine which columns get displayed and in which order. 


You can choose to Group the current assignments in your list by various categories like Assignee, Assignment status, Assignment type, etc. The way you choose to group your assignments list may be different from another user’s grouping, but this allows you to customize how you’re assignments will be displayed for you.  For example if you want to find an assignment that has been marked completed you may find it helpful to group by Assignment Status where as if you want to see assignments from a specific region you may find it helpful to group by Loss City or Loss State.

Selecting Assignments

To the left of each assignment is a checkbox which allows you to select an assignment.  When you check a checkbox you’ll notice a blue bar across the top is activated.  This will show you actions which you can perform on the selected assignment.  Wherever you see the “…” symbol it means there’re more actions available to you.  If you need to cancel out of an action you can simply select the “X” in the left-hand corner. 

Note: If you select multiple claims with the checkboxes you can perform actions on multiple claims at the same time.   

When you click an assignment it opens the claim which the assignment is associated with and shows you the assignment details in a blade menu on the right-hand side of your screen. 

When you click outside of the blade you’ll now see the claim Assignments Page within the claim file. 

From here you can view important information about all assignments associated with that claim file as well as monitor and manage all assignment statuses.

You can return to the global Assignments Page at any time by selecting Assignments at the top of your screen.

Thanks for reading about the global Assignments List!

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