You asked some great questions during the session and we wanted to make sure we provide you with the best possible answers.  We've listed and answered all of your questions here. If you don't see your question displayed here word for word, it means we received another question with a similar theme and we've grouped them together to provide you an in depth answer to fully cover the topic. 

Can you explain the description of work that is supposed to be performed for a line item?
Answer: Because Symbility uses a component based database, it's important to reference the line item descriptions so you know exactly what is being included or excluded.  To find the line item description select an item in the database.  The light blue box will contain all of those important details.  You may also see an image which you can click to enlarge and see a visual representation of the item.  

You can also drill down into the Price Component Details where additional information may be available.  To access the Price Component Details right-click the desired line item and select Properties.  Click the Unit Price tab and select the Price Component Details link towards the bottom of the window.

How do you merge roof surfaces in the estimate?

Answer: In the estimate, navigate to the View tab and click Options.  In the drop-down menu there's an option to Combine Related Subrooms. If there is a check mark next to this option that means it is currently turned on. If you do not see a check mark, select Combine Related Subrooms and it will turn this feature on.  Once all roof shapes are combined, they will remain so until you turn the feature off.

3. Can you change the depreciation from recoverable to non-recoverable on the entire estimate at once?

Answer: Yes, there are a few different ways you could achieve this.  Here, we'll walk you through the steps of achieving this through the Properties panel.  From your estimate select all of the items which you would like to change from recoverable to non-recoverable depreciation.  You can select multiple items by either holding down the CTRL key or the SHIFT key on your keyboard.  Right-click the selected items and click Properties.  In the Properties panel select the Depreciation tab.  Click the check box next to recoverable to remove the check mark and set all of your selected items to non-recoverable. Click OK.

Note that you can also achieve this by using the Search and Replace features in the estimate page Home tab.  

4. Is there a way to organize the estimate so the items are in the same order in each room?

Answer: The items will appear in your estimate in the order in which they were applied, but you can also re-order them according to your liking by dragging and dropping.  To do this, place your cursor on the item you'd like to re-order, hold your click down and move your mouse while you continue to hold your click down.  While you move your mouse you will see a red line appear, indicating to you that if you release your click this is where the item will be inserted.  Let go of your click and you will see your line items have been re-ordered.  

An important note to consider is that if certain merge or combine options have been activated this technique will not work.


If you have additional questions or require support, we encourage you to reach out to our support team. They're always there to help and it's completely free to contact them!

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