You asked some great questions during the session and we wanted to make sure we provide you with the best possible answers. We've listed and answered all of your questions here. If you don't see your question displayed here word for word, it means we received another question with a similar theme and we've grouped them together to provide you an in depth answer to fully cover the topic.

1. How do you create a barn roof with 6 pitches?

Answer: One method would be to connect several shed roofs. You can also begin with the Gambrel roof (which is essentially 4 shed roofs) and attach two additional shed roofs, modifying the pitch and other dimensions as needed. We’ve included some screenshots to show this method.

2. How do you have your diagrams saved in the ribbon at the top of the screen? 

Answer:  Select the room(s) you want to save.  Right-click the selected shapes and click “Save as Shape.”  Name your shape in the window that pops up and click ‘OK.’ When you return to the Home tab, the shape will now be located in the ribbon and will remain there until you choose to delete it. 

3. Is this system compatible with Mac?

Answer: Mobile Claims needs to be installed on a Windows operating system.  If your Mac is partitioned to run on a Windows operating system you can install Mobile Claims.  




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