You asked some great questions during the session and we wanted to make sure we provide you with the best possible answers.  We've listed and answered all of your questions here. If you don't see your question displayed here word for word, it means we received another question with a similar theme and we've grouped them together to provide you an in depth answer to fully cover the topic. 

1. If you make a mistake, and build a wall 4" off, and don’t discover it until much later, can you correct it without having to erase it all and start over?

Answer: Yes, you can adjust your dimensions at any time and not have to start over.  When going back and adjusting dimensions we recommend that you detach the room from any other shared walls, adjust your dimensions and then reattach the room.  

2. Can you use Segment Mode and Build Out Mode on the mobile app?

Answer: Yes, you can currently use both Segment Mode and Build Out Mode on the mobile app.

3. How do you have your diagrams saved in the ribbon at the top of the screen?  

Answer: Select the room(s) you want to save.  Right-click the selected shapes and click “Save as Shape.”  Name your shape in the window that pops up and click ‘OK.’ When you return to the Home tab, the shape will now be located in the ribbon and will remain there until you choose to delete it.  

4Can you use Build Out Mode on angled wall?

Answer: Yes, you can use Build Out Mode on an angled wall.   

5. When adjusting an angled wall in Vertex Mode, if you manually input the wall length of the angled wall, as well as the adjacent walls, will the interior angles automatically be adjusted?

Answer: Adjusting the wall length of an angled wall while in Vertex Mode does not impact the angle. To change the angle, you can manually adjust the shape using the circular handles, or you can click the angle and input a new degree. 

6. How do you estimate painting on a Tray ceiling?

Answer: Like many things in our system, there is more than one way to achieve this. We recommend the following method:

1. Navigate to your desired line item.  In this example, we're using Prime & Paint, Drywall/Plaster Ceiling.

2. Turn on your Wall Editor view

3. Drag and drop the line item to the desired surface(s)

Note that you can also add the block in the center of the ceiling and use height instead of depth.  The resulting area would be the same.

7. How do you diagram a closet under the stairs?

Answer: Add a room to the canvass and title it ‘Closet under the Stairs.’  Adjust the dimensions to match the dimensions of the closet. It’s also important to pay attention to the stairs and take note of the direction of the slope.

Select the closet and click Ceiling Editor.

Set the Ceiling Properties to Sloped.

Pay close attention to the direction of the slope in the closet, it should match the direction of the stairs.  If you need to change the direction of the slope, select a wall in the closet and you will see the arrow representing the slope change directions.

Select Floorplan in your ribbon to return to your original view.

If needed, you can also make the closet a subroom of the room the stairs are located in.  To do this, select the main room.  Hold down Ctrl at the bottom left-hand corner of your keyboard and click the closet so that both rooms are selected.  Right click in the main room and select “Join Subrooms.” 

8. Can you turn a wall on the stairs into a railing?

Answer: While you cannot visually represent a railing on the diagram, you can still apply a railing from the database.  In this example we applied a Hand Rail 2 ½ to the wall of the stairway.  

9. Can you put a block on an angled wall?

Answer: This functionality does not currently exist, but we are hoping to add it in a future release.

10. Can you use Vertex Mode on a block?

Answer: This functionality does not currently exist, but we are hoping to add it in a future release.

11. Can you superimpose an interior diagram from and exterior diagram? 

Answer: No, you cannot superimpose an interior from an exterior diagram.  

12.Does Symbility have the capability to show fixtures, light switches, plugs, etc. on a diagram?

Answer: This functionality does not currently exist, but we are hoping to add it in a future release.



If you have additional questions or require support, we encourage you to reach out to our support team. They're always there to help and it's completely free to contact them!

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