Below you can find a list of the currently offered public webinars and the links to access them: 

1. Occasions d’apprentissage virtuel (French) 

2. Virtual Learning Opportunities (English)


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CoreLogic Claims Estimate (formerly known as Desk Adjuster)

April 5th

Do you want to build an estimate directly in Claims Estimate? Did you know you can create an estimate in Claims Estimate by answering a series of questions? Join us for a one-hour instructor led webinar as we dive into Estimate to learn how to:

  • Create an estimate based on peril
  • Review and revise the estimate
  • Learn about Repair Routes
  • Estimate Review & Editing

CoreLogic Claims Workspace (Formerly known as Claims Connect) - Office Personnel

April 12th

Do you understand how to use Workspace in your daily work? Do you want to be more efficient with your claim management? Join us for a one-hour instructor led webinar as we explore Workspace and practice:

  • Navigation Efficiencies 
  • Claim File Navigation 
  • Updating the Claim File

Diagramming Interiors

April 19th

Do you want better diagramming skills? Do you want to be quicker and more precise?Join us for a one-hour instructor led webinar as we delve into diagramming interiors to review:

  • Freeform and Vertex Mode
  • Ceiling, Stair, and Wall Editors
  • Openings and Blocks
  • Background Blueprints

Estimating Efficiencies

April 26th

Do you want to improve your estimating speed and accuracy? Join us for a one-hour instructor led webinar on the following:

  • Assemblies
  • Batches
  • Apply to Multiple Rooms
  • Subroom Features
  • Rollout Calculator
  • Red Quantity Number

Click here to register

Important: To register, you will need to provide your Claims Connect/Symbility ID in the Registration Link. If you don't know your ID number, please review this document on how to locate it inside of Claims Connect.

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