How to complete a Pricing Analysis Inquiry

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CoreLogic is committed to providing current, fair, accurate, and comprehensive data for users of its claims estimating products. The Pricing Analysis Inquiry service allows users to submit feedback to CoreLogic regarding claims data easily and efficiently. This feedback can take many forms, including:


  1. New/Missing Item: This type of inquiry can be used to submit a request to add new line items to the database that are not currently available.  

  2. Price Review: This type of inquiry can be used to submit a request to review pricing of items in the database.

  3. Item Clarification: This type of inquiry can be used to submit questions regarding current items in the database. Questions can be related to what the item is intended for, what is included in the item, what is not included in the item, and anything else requiring clarification. 

  4. Suggested Improvements: This type of inquiry can be used to submit a request to make data changes for items currently in the database. This request is further broken down to allow users to indicate what changes are being requested specifically:
    1. Action – The actions associated with an item (ex. Remove, Tear Out, Replace, Remove/Reset, Reset, Clean, etc.) 
    2. Category – The category or sub-category associated with an item.
    3. Comments – The comments associated with an item and/or action.
    4. Description – The name of an item.
    5. Equipment Components – The equipment components included in an item action.
    6. Labor Component – The labor component included in an item action.
    7. Material Components – The material components included in an item action. 
    8. Other – Any other type of feedback not included above.

  5. Other Database Specific Request: CoreLogic recognizes that the above request types may not reflect all types of inquiries possible. This type of inquiry can be used to submit requests that do not fall into any of the other types listed above. This is specific to database feedback and not technical support. Technical support can be accessed via the CoreLogic support portal at CoreLogic Support.

  6. Connect with CoreLogic: This type of inquiry will direct users to the CoreLogic Support portal. This can be used for support issues, general feedback, general inquiries, or general suggestions.    



Question: Why Should I submit a Pricing Analysis Inquiry Request?

Answer: CoreLogic is committed to providing current, fair, accurate, and comprehensive data for users of its claims estimating products. Your feedback is critical to this goal and allows us to pinpoint specific areas for improvement within the pricing database.


Question: How do I submit a pricing Analysis Inquiry Request?

Answer: There are several options to submit a request:


1.) Navigate to the request form directly at Pricing Analysis Inquiry


2.) In Claims Connect®, a request can be submitted via
HELP ICON>HELP TOPICS>Submit Pricing Database Feedback:








3.) In Mobile Claims™, a request can be submitted two different ways, using one of these two buttons:


In the toolbar where you can find the search function, filters, batches, assemblies etc: 



On the estimate page, in the Home Ribbon (next page):




Question: How do I know what request my company has submitted?

Answer: Monthly reporting can be provided on a per company basis upon request. If this is desired, please contact CoreLogic Support and submit a request for monthly company reporting. 


Question: What do the statuses of the tickets mean on my report

Answer: Each status you see on the report indicates where the requests are within their lifecycle. These include:


  1. To PDS – Your request is going through initial review by one of our data estimating experts. 

  2. To Product – Your request is going through initial review by one of our product estimating experts. 

  3. Not Enough Information – The request that was submitted did not have enough information to move forward. A follow up communication will be provided by CoreLogic Support to the individual who submitted the request for clarification. 

  4. Client Ready – A client response has been provided. Generally, this status is used to indicate a request has been submitted that is a duplicate of a prior request and work is in progress.
  5. Ready for Assignment – Your request has been moved forward to our Construction Cost Data Team and is awaiting individual assignment. 

  6. Estimation – In Progress – Your request has been assigned to an individual within our Construction Cost Data Team and research is being completed. 

  7. Ready for Review – Your request’s research has been completed and is awaiting assignment to a data estimating expert. 
  8. Review - Your request has been assigned back to the Construction Cost Data Team for review/update of work completed.

  9. Reviewing – Your request has been assigned to a data estimating expert and is being reviewed for completion and accuracy.

  10.  In Testing – Your request has been verified as complete and is moving into layered internal quality assurance testing.  

  11.  Complete – Your request has been completed and will be available in the next release of the database.

  12.  Closed – Your request has been fully completed.


Question: What is the status of my request or my company’s request?

Answer: There are three ways to know what the status of your request is:


  1. Email CoreLogic Support
  2. Throughout the lifecycle of your request, you will be provided with status updates on how the request is progressing. The notification points are:
    1. New Ticket Submission – Immediate confirmation that your request has been submitted.

    2. Initial Ticket Reception – Generally within 24-48 hours, CoreLogic Support will confirm the successful receipt of your request. 

    3. Additional Information Needed – If additional information is needed, you will receive a request for clarification from CoreLogic Support

    4. Initial Response – After the request has been reviewed by CoreLogic’s estimating experts, an initial response will be provided indicating our commitment to the feedback you have requested, if applicable.

    5. Research – If the request requires research by our Construction Cost Data Team, you will be provided an update when this starts. 

    6. Review – Once the research work is complete (if applicable), you will receive notification that the request is being reviewed for completion and accuracy. 

    7. In Testing – Once work has been validated, you will receive a notification that the request is moving into internal layered quality assurance testing. 

    8. Completion – This notification advises that the work for your request is completed, reviewed, and validated, and will be available with the next release of the database.

  3. If you have requested a company specific report, the statuses will align with the information provided in the previous section.


Question: When can I expect my Pricing Analysis Inquiry request to be available in the database? If I am requesting a simple change, why is this not available immediately?

Answer: Requests can vary depending on the type, complexity, and priority of the request. Sometimes something that seems simple is quite complex, and vice versa. Requests will be completed in the order they are received and prioritized based on the level of impact to the data. Completed requests are included in a monthly cadenced pricing delivery, either the first Monday of the month (U.S.), or the second Monday of the month (CAN), depending on which database you are using.     






Question: How do I know I am not submitting a duplicate request for something that has already been asked for?

Answer: The monthly report, available at your request for your company, will include information on what has already been asked for. CoreLogic will also review requests to make sure we are not processing the same request twice and notify you in the event of duplicate submission.


Question: Why is my request not completed yet? I was told it would be done (ex.) last quarter?

Answer: Because the complexity of requests can vary, additional time may be required to complete your request. Quality assurance may reveal an issue that requires correction. There may be high priority requests that may need to be addressed immediately. CoreLogic is committed to completing your request timely and accurately, and rest assured, it will be completed as soon as possible. We will provide status updates throughout the lifecycle of your request starting May 15th, 2023. You can also contact CoreLogic Support and request an update.


Question: Why do I need to fill all this information out for a Pricing Analysis Inquiry request?

Answer: CoreLogic is committed to moving your request forward timely and completing it accurately. To ensure both these items remain true, we need as much information as possible, so it is clear and evident what you are asking for. The questions you are asked to provide information for are important data points that allow us to complete your request with minimal delay and inaccuracy.     


Question: What kind of feedback is acceptable for a “Price Review” request?

Answer: Feedback should be sourced locally within your market in the form of supporting documentation. Please do not provide supporting documentation originating from any competitor estimating platform as this cannot be used to review pricing in the CoreLogic estimating platform. Estimates should be aligned apples to apples to allow for efficient price review and should include information on which database version and region you are using in the CoreLogic estimating tools.


  1. Some examples of valid supporting documentation include: 
    1. Itemized Invoices
    2. Itemized Receipts
    3. Itemized Material Quotes
    4. Itemized Contractor Estimates
    5. Itemized Supplier Brochures/Flyers


  1. Some examples of non-valid supporting documentation include:
    1. Competitor estimating platform documentation
    2. Proposals based on verbal conversations
    3. Lump sum estimate / non-itemized estimates
    4. Apples to oranges estimates


Question: How do I provide the database that is required to complete a “Price Review” request?

Answer: There are several options to communicate which pricing database version you are using to complete a price review request.


  1. You can type this manually into the request form. 
  2. From Mobile Claims: You can copy/paste this information from the Loss Summary>Claim Type/Pricing page. 



  1. From Claims Connect; You can copy/paste this information from:
    Loss Summary>Options>Pricing>Default Pricing page. 






Question: How is CoreLogic pricing calculated?

Answer: Information on CoreLogic pricing and how it is calculated can be found at Construction Pricing Database Methodology.


CoreLogic is committed to servicing our customers. Your feedback is important, and we appreciate the opportunity to improve your experience with the pricing database. If you have any questions, please reach out to your account manager or CoreLogic Support. 



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