Do you have questions about the item pricing used in Claims Connect, Mobile Claims, and CAPTURE?  

We have dedicated specialists who try to make sure all our line items reflect the current market. We provide a simple pricing set as a guideline for adjusters, but we rely on their expertise to build an estimate that reflects market conditions and other local factors in order to come up with something that is fair for all parties. Modest O&P is included in most items and the software allows for the overall O&P to be adjusted in accordance with the carrier's expectations.

Here are some articles that may help you understand our methodology.

CoreLogic Monthly Database Release Notes

Here, you will find:

  • a summary of key changes to the Canadian and US pricing database (assembly changes, items added, and other information)
  • monthly construction bulletins (an overview of recent pricing trends in the property insurance, construction, and restoration industries. )

Construction Insights

These reports are released quarterly.  They provide an insightful overview of trends affecting the cost of construction materials in specific categories and sectors.

Pricing Database General Info

Here you will find information about our pricing, including:

  • CoreLogic Construction Cost Data FAQ (US and Canada)
  • Billing Rates Explained
  • Price Component Estimate Details FAQ
  • Construction Data Pricing Whitepaper

We appreciate your feedback about your concern about CoreLogic item pricing. We value our customer's professional expertise.

Customer inquiries are welcome. Should you wish to officially register feedback, we invite you to inform us about possible discrepancies by filing a Pricing Analysis Inquiry providing details of those corrections by using this online form.

You will be asked to include supporting documentation, such as flyers and brochures from local providers. Keep in mind that we cannot compare our prices to another software as we do not know their methodologies or guidelines. If you disagree with a particular estimate, consider reaching out to the adjuster or estimator to discuss it further.

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