You need to have your own account for HOVER.  CoreLogic cannot provide that for you.

You can create an account on or your company may create an account for you.  The first account registered in each company's integration page must be configured as an administrator in HOVER.  If the entire company is using the same account, then nothing more needs to be done.  If the company is configured to use individual accounts, each user will need to add their own credentials after an administrator has entered theirs.

To enter your username and password on Claims Connect: 

Click on your name on the top right, then click on Integration Partners, then click on the HOVER tab at the bottom of the screen (see below),

Once on the integration screen 

1) Click on the HOVER tab at the bottom of the screen

2) Enter your username and password

3) Put a check on HOVER Receipt and HOVER Photos

4) Click on Save

NOTE:  If you do not see the HOVER tab in the Integration Partners section of Claims Connect on your account, please contact us so that we may enable it for you.

▼ Click the document below to download full instructions ▼

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