If you have a Roofplan XML file from a third party service which was not delivered directly in Symbility (HOVER, EagleView, or another service), you may import the file to create a Roofplan in Symbility.

Importing an XML Roofplan

In Mobile Claims:

1. Take ownership of your claim and synchronize, then open the claim.

2. Right click on Diagrams and select Import Roofplan XML...

3. Choose your xml file and click Open.  A roof plan will be built based on your XML file.  If you have any other documents related to your XML file, these can be uploaded in the Documents folder in the Claim Explorer by right-clicking the folder or via a simple drag and drop of the file to the Documents folder.

In Claims Connect:

1. Open your claim.

2. Click on Import diagram from DOCUMENTATION tab.

3. Drag & Drop to add a XML file on your computer.  You can also browse to navigate to your XML file, then click Open. The Roofplan will be built from this file.

Important information about importing Roofplans

Not all XML files will have been tested by their providers to work correctly in Symbility.  If the Roofplan isn't in the right format or the file is corrupt, you'll see an error message indicating the XML is invalid.

The Roofplan is built based on the XML file rather than drawn in Symbility, so you won't be able to modify its dimensions after it's imported - these plans are static.  If you notice an error in the Roofplan that the provider delivered, we recommend contacting them so that they may correct the plan and your diagram will be drawn the way you expect.

Ordering Roofplans within CoreLogic | Symbility

Symbility also offers the opportunity to order Roofplans directly within the software from EagleView and HOVER.  For information on setting up an EagleView account in Symbility, please see our Support Guide: Setting up EagleView.  You may also be interested in information about how to integrate HOVER.

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