Group Assignments

Group Assignments allow a company to assign claims to users and vendors in specific regions based on zip codes and workload.  The Group Assignment feature must be turned on for your company by Symbility.  Contact Symbility Tech Support or your Symbility Account Manager to have this feature turned on.

Once the group assignments feature has been enabled, each individual user (including adjusters who will be receiving claims) are able to go into Claims Connect and view and change information related to their user account.  This is important as this information is vital in determining assignments. For example, users can mark themselves as ‘Accepting assignments’. 

Setting your Assignee Status

To access your account to change your user information follow these steps:

1. Log into Claims Connect and click on your name in the top right-hand corner.

2. Select the ‘Profile’ option under your name.

3. Click on the ‘Assignments’ tab. Here, you can set their status to 'Accepting assignments', 'Not accepting assignments', or 'Accepting only manual assignments'.

4. Clicking on the ‘Service Territory’ link will display all available service territories for the entire company.  Those areas with a green check mark next to them indicates you’ve been assigned to that territory as your primary area.  A yellow check mark indicates a secondary area and a gray check mark indicates you have not been assigned to that specific area. 

5. Once you have completed any changes it is important to click ‘save’.

Assigning with Group Assignments

You can assign a claim using the Group Assignment feature from either inside a claim or from the Claims List.  This article will focus on assigning the claim from within the claim itself. 

To assign a claim using the Group Assignment feature from within a claim follow these steps:

1. With the claim open click on the ‘Assignments’ tab and then click ‘Assign’.

2. A blade will open on the right-hand side of the screen.  Use the drop-down arrow to select the 'Assignment type' field.  When setting the Assignment type to 'Adjusting' you'll see that 'User' is automatically set as the 'Type' where as if you set the Assignment type to 'Direct Repair' or 'Mitigation' (anything other than 'Adjusting') the 'Type' radio button will automatically be set to Vendor rather than User.  

Note: 'Set as claim contact' is a feature that is not enabled for all companies. If it is configured for your company you may designate an assignee as the claim contact.

3. Click on 'Find' in the bottom right-hand corner.  The system will search for and show you the recommended user based off of service territories that have been pre-configured by a company administrator.  

4. Click on 'Assign selected user' or 'Assign recommended user' displayed across the top to assign the claim.

Note: 'Assign selected user' will assign the claim to any user that has been selected and ignore the recommended user based off of service territories. 'Assign recommended user' will override any selected user and will always assign to the recommended user based off of service territories.

Thanks for reading about Group Assignments!

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