Joining Subrooms

Joining subrooms can be very useful when writing an estimate.  When a smaller room, such as a closet or a pantry, is joined as a subroom, it allows any items you add to the main room to also be applied to the subroom.  

How to Join Subrooms

1.  Select the rooms you'd like to join.  To select multiple rooms,  hold down the Ctrl key on the bottom left-hand corner of your keyboard while selecting the rooms, or use the lasso tool to select them.  

2.  Right click the primary room and select 'Join Subrooms' from the drop down menu.  You can also select the 'Join Subrooms' button from the Room ribbon.  The selected rooms will now be joined as subrooms under the room that was right clicked.  Once the rooms have been joined, they will move as one entity when re-positioned or moved.

How to Unjoin Subrooms

You can unjoin subrooms by repeating the process. 

1.  Right click the joined rooms and select 'Join Subrooms.' 

Notice the pantry is no longer a subroom of the kitchen.  Once the 'Join Subrooms' button is no longer highlighted, the rooms will return to being independent of one another. 

Note: If the subrooms are reversed and the larger room appears as a subroom of the smaller room, unjoin the subrooms and then re-join them by right clicking the larger room and selecting 'Join Subrooms' from the drop-down menu. 

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