Saving Shapes

You may encounter loss sites (developments, condos, apartments) where the same floorplan or roofplan is used several times. You can save floorplans, roofplans, exterior shapes or portions of each, for repeated use on future claims. The process for saving each type of shape is the same. 

How to Save Shapes

1. Select the desired shapes on the canvas.  

Here we'll show you an example using a floorplan, but you can also apply the same process to a roofplan or an exterior plan. To select multiple shapes at the same time hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click the desired shapes.  Since there are often times several ways to do something in Mobile Claims you can simultaneously hold down Ctrl and the letter A to select all shapes on the canvas, or use the lasso tool.  

2. Right click on any of the highlighted shapes and select Save as Shape. 

* Remember that there's often more than one way to do something - You can also select the 'Save as Shape' button from the Room ribbon. 

3. In the Shape Properties dialog box, you can optionally enter a title and/or description for the saved shapes and click OK.

The shape will now be saved as a custom shape in shape tray that you can reuse in other claims. The shape tray is located in the Home tab:

NOTE: Be sure to verify all dimensions before saving a shape. If saving a floorplan, the system will automatically save the placement and size of all windows, doors, and openings.

How to Delete Saved Shapes

Saved shapes will remain in the shape tray for future use.  They will remain there until you decide to remove them.

1. In the Home tab, locate your saved shape

2. Right click the shape and select 'Delete Shape'

Your saved shape is now removed.  

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