You asked some great questions during the session and we wanted to make sure we provide you with the best possible answers.  We've listed and answered all of your questions here.  If you don't see your question displayed here word for word, it means we received another question with a similar theme and we've grouped them together to provide you an in depth answer to fully cover the topic.

1.  How does the estimate work with Claims Connect?   Do we have to make all estimate changes in Mobile Claims? 

Answer:  The estimate that you see in Mobile Claims is the same estimate you will see in Claims Connect.  The changes you make in Mobile Claims will show up in Claims Connect when you Upload, or Release Ownership and Synchronize, this claim file.  You can make estimate changes in Claims Connect as well, but you have more options and control, in terms of editing the estimate, in Mobile Claims.

2.  What is the difference between tear out and remove?  

Answer:  There is a subtle price difference but ultimately it has to do with the level of care going into that action.  For example, if you're removing some wallpaper but not ripping out the drywall behind that, then you're going to put some more care into that process than if everything was ultimately being torn out.  You can think of it as if the items are going to end up in a dumpster, then that will likely be tear out.

3.  When there is a manual change to a unit price on a line item, how can someone reviewing the estimate identify that the price has been modified?

Answer:  One way to identify a price change in the estimate is to view the Audit Report. 

1. From the Claim Explorer, select Audit Report. 

2. From here, items in question will show in red.  You may now look at the details for that item.  

3. At the bottom left of the estimate, select the Detailed tab.

4. In this example, you can see a note indicating that the material price has been customized.

4.  How do you transfer a Desk Adjuster estimate from Claims Connect to Mobile Claims?  

Answer:  When you Synchronize in Mobile Claims, that is triggering a communication between Claims Connect and Mobile Claims, so you'll be pulling in anything that was added in Claims Connect.  This means an estimate created with Desk Adjuster from Claims Connect will be seen in Mobile Claims.

5.  Can you apply depreciation to all line items (at once) with the action Replace? 

Answer:  You can apply depreciation to a grouping of items that you choose, including Only Replace items.  There were a couple of examples of this during the session on ‘Reviewing the Estimate’ on 5.19.2020 that you can view on the recording.  

The following is one example:  

1.  Select Search form the Home Tab by clicking once.  The Search bar will now populate under your ribbon.

2.  From the Drop-down menus, select the following:

    a.  Look in:  Action

    b.  For:  Replace

3.  Click Filter on the far right side.  Now your estimate view is filtered to show only the items with the action Replace.

4.  Select the first item in your list, then while holding the Shift button down on the lower left side of your keyboard, select the last item in your list. All items will now be highlighted.

5.  Select Depreciation from the ribbon on the Home tab.

6.  The Item Properties window will open.  Click Calculate depreciation.  Then enter your depreciation and click OK.  All Replace items will now be depreciated.  

6.  How do we get the deductible added to the total page?

Answer:  If the deductible is added to the claim, it will show on the totals page.  To add a deductible to a claim, go to the Loss Summary page.  In the Deductible section, there is a drop-down menu where you can select the deductible to add or enter a custom amount.  Note, you can also select fixed or variable in another drop-down box to the left.  

This information can also be added on the Policy Tab of the Loss Summary page.   

When you go to the Totals page of your estimate, you will see the Deductible.

7:  Is there a convenient way of loading hours so that, in fact, you end up with a schedule for the work plan?

Answer:  All line items have a base for calculating how long the work will take.  In the Summary section of the estimate, under Labor, the hours are listed.  This is broken down by labor and total labor.  


If you have additional questions or require support, we encourage you to reach out to our support team. They're always there to help and it's completely free to contact them!

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