You asked some great questions during the session and we wanted to make sure we provide you with the best possible answers. We've listed and answered all of your questions here. If you don't see your question displayed here word for word, it means your question was either addressed during the live session or we received another question with a similar theme and we've grouped them together to provide you an in depth answer to fully cover the topic. 


1. Why does my tool bar disappear?

Answer: The ribbon across the top will disappear if you double click one of the tabs.  In this example we'll use the home tab. It's not really gone forever, it's just hidden to help maximize the space on your screen. When it's hidden, if you click the Home tab (one time) it will reappear and remain visible until you click elsewhere. If you want the ribbon to remain visible, double click the Home tab and it will always be visible on screen (unless you double click it again). This is a good reminder to be intentional in how we use our mouse - double clicking can perform a different action than single clicking, so it's important to be thoughtful as you navigate and click within the system.  


2. Do you need to acquire ownership of the claim before merging the temp claim?

Answer: Yes, you need to have ownership of any claim before it can be modified, which includes merging.   When you select Merge Temporary Claim you will see a list of the claims which you have ownership of as these are your choices of where you can merge your claim.  


3. Can you merge photos & their labels from a temporary claim to a claim that is imported later?

Answer: Yes, when you merge a temporary claim your photos and captions are all merged with it.   


4. So these programs don't work in parallel? If a worker is in the field with this file, an estimator wouldn't be able to get in the file to work on it unless it was synchronized back into the system?

Answer: These systems do work together. From a basic standpoint one user at a time can edit a claim. Other participants on the claim can view the claim file. There is, however, a way to approach ownership that requires specific management of claim pages, as individual claim pages (diagrams, estimates, photo pages, etc.) can be released and acquired. The person with ownership of the claim can release/synchronize part of the claim, (e.g., a floorplan or an estimate) for someone else to work on. To acquire or release ownership of individual claim pages, right-click any page within the Claim Explorer and select Manage Claim Ownership.

From this window you can select which objects you'd like to release or acquire ownership of and click Synchronize. 


5. Can you show us how to move an assignment to "not sold" for Contractor Connection claims?

Answer: Open the claim. From the Claim Explorer, click the 'Assignments' box and select 'Job not sold'. Click OK.


6. Several times last summer I had claims where some of the photos in the group "did not fully upload" (they were fuzzy and unusable). Several times IT was able to recover them and fully upload them through Claims Connect, but other times they were deemed "unrecoverable". I pursued this all the way up the IT ladder, but was not given a clear reason why this was happening. Most importantly, how could I prevent this from happening again? Is there something I'm doing wrong? Releasing claim too early? Syncing before photos caught up? (was working in remote farm areas with spotty cell signals). Any ideas?

Answer: When loading photos into Mobile Claims, we recommend always having a backup on your device until you can confirm that they are in Claims Connect. To prevent this in the future we suggest that you take the photos directly in Claims Connect (when you have a signal). To take photos directly in Claims Connect navigate to the documentation tab within your claim file and select Add photos.  From this page select Take Photos. This will open the camera application on your device and as you take the photos they will populate into Claims Connect.  

You do, however, need an Internet connection for that to work.  As a backup you can take the photos and then upload them to Claims Connect once you are back in an area with Internet.    


7. Our contractor network does not want us to mark Complete since it will not sync with them. Can this be updated without having to wait for them to update the claim status for us?

Answer: Based on your question, it seems you are referring to the estimate status.  The Estimate status for a contractor network workflow is tied to a QA review process.  Specific workflow questions should be directed to your contractor network.  If you have additional system questions or require support, we encourage you to reach out to our support team.  



8. Why would you want to import an estimate into another estimate sketch?

Answer: You might import one estimate into another estimate to test a change without affecting the original, to offer an alternative fix or quote, because the original is locked or owned by someone else, or because there are multiple, similar units that each require separate totals. You might import an estimate and diagram into another claim for any of these reasons or because the same location has a new claim.  


If you have additional questions or require support, we encourage you to reach out to our support team. They're always there to help and it's completely free to contact them!

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