Once you have created a temporary claim in Mobile Claims, you may merge it with a standard assigned claim.  (A standard claim can have temporary claims merged into 3 times only.)  Please note, it is only possible to merge a temp claim in the desktop version of Mobile Claims.

When claims are merged


When a temp claim is merged into a standard one, the blank fields in the Loss Summary page of the standard claim are filled in with information from the temp claim.  A temp claim will never overwrite information that already exists in a standard claim.  If there is a conflict in two fields, e.g. if the "First Name:" field is different in the temp claim than in the standard claim, the information from the standard claim will stand and will not be modified.


Note: You may see a different estimate total in a standard claim compared to a temporary claim if there is additional information in the standard claim that affects a final estimate (for example, taxes or O&P.)

In order to merge your temporary claim:

1) Assignment: You must be the originator of the standard claim, or have an assignment in the claim.

2) Ownership: You must acquire ownership of the standard claim and synchronize to apply your changes.

3) Matching Database: Verify that the pricing database of the temporary claim matches the pricing database of the standard claim.

If you don't have ownership of a claim, or are using two different pricing databases, you will see an error message when you try to merge your temp claim.  You can correct this error by verifying that you you meet the three criteria above.

Merge your claims

Right click the temporary claim (green folder) and select the option "Merge into Another Claim...".

A pop-up window will ask you to select the destination claim.

Click OK.  Mobile Claims will merge your two claims and will notify you when the merge is completed successfully.

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