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This month's toolkit dives into 'Blocks' within CoreLogic Mobile Claims®. With these tips, you can enhance your diagramming efficiency and effectiveness.

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Using Blocks for Diagramming 

Blocks are used in room diagrams to add 3D objects to the floor or any point on a wall. This functionality can also negate the square footage for wall, floor, or ceiling finishes that are below, behind, or above the block when estimating. Blocks can represent building items like cabinets, kitchen islands, fireplaces, bathroom vanities, or bathtubs. 
  • Add a block by highlighting the room or wall where the block is needed and then selecting the 'Add Block' button.
  • Utilize the Wall Editor to add a block to a wall, including a non-90-degree angled wall, and to customize any block that is not on the floor. 
  • Solid lines indicate a block on the floor, while dotted lines indicate a block on the wall.  
  • Blocks that belong on the ceiling will automatically adjust to the ceiling slope. 
  • Easily customize the shape and size (including height, width, and depth) of blocks by using handles on the sides of the block. 
  • Use 'Vertex Mode' to create blocks with angles of varying degrees.   
  • While in 'Vertex Mode', the block sizing handles change from squares to circles. 
Block Handles
Block Handles
Block Angles 
Blocks - Angles
Get the most out of your diagram by creating accurate blocks using the Vertex Mode and Wall Editor tools. Check out the practical tips above, access the job aid, or visit the CoreLogic Learning Community for a deeper dive.  
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