Mobile Claims – Updating to Windows 11-Troubleshooting Guide

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This document is in response to several Mobile Claims issues we have seen for our users that have recently updated their OS from Windows 10 to Windows 11.  These are not necessarily Windows 11 issues but have been brought to our attention coincidental to the update.


The CoreLogic Claims software is fully compatible with all currently active Windows versions.  We regularly test on a variety of devices and Windows versions to provide our customers with the best possible experience.  Our Quality Assurance team may not catch everything, and we appreciate your feedback and collaboration to identify issues.


This guide should help you work through these issues, but you may encounter problems that are not listed.  We encourage you to contact our Customer Care team at any time for assistance.


Issue - Error code 26 in Mobile Claims

This issue will appear when you try to Synchronize Mobile Claims.  The error you will receive will be a popup window:

Unable to open the database. Please contact Symbility

Technical Support.

File is not a database (code: 26).


Solution - Rebuild Mobile Claims local database

1. Close Mobile Claims

2. Using Windows Explorer, browse to the folder where Mobile Claims is installed, typically:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Symbility Mobile Claims   or

C:\Program Files (x86)\CoreLogic Mobile Claims

3. Rename the file "mClaim.db" to "mClaim.240104.db" (today’s date, or any other name)

4. Rename the file "mClaim.ini" to "mClaim.240104.ini" (today’s date, or any other name)


5. Delete all Item Database files.  These files can be safely removed since they do not hold unique data and will be automatically re-downloaded upon syncing Mobile Claims. Delete the "ItemDatabase" and "ItemDatabaseVersion" files as pictured below.



6. Launch Mobile Claims, log in and synchronize 



Issue - Error code 19-1299 and 19-1811 After Opening Mobile Claims or Synchronizing

When you open your Mobile Claims after you login you may receive this error.  You will be able to click ok to continue to your claim list, but when you synchronize you will get another error which you can click through.   

Workaround – Click “OK “

It is possible that you will get the popup error multiple times).  Click “OK” and you will be able to continue.

Error code 19-1299:

Unable to synchronize the item database. The data being sent or received may be corrupt or there may be problem with transfer. Please check your internet connection and synchronize again.

NOT NULL constraint failed: XmlItemDatabases.CeationDate

(code: 19 - 1299).


Error code 19 – 1811:

Unable to download required item depreciation tables. The 

data being sent or received may be corrupt or there may be a

problem with transfer Please check your internet connection

and synchronize again.

Insert on table "ItemDepreciationGroups" violates foreign key



(code: 19 - 1811)


Possible Cause – VPN conflict

In some instances, we were able to resolve the issue by turning off the VPN.  This issue would seem to be linked to local security settings.  If turning off your VPN is not an option, this would need to be looked at with your security team.



Issue - Red X in Mobile Claims on many claims after synchronizing

This issue will appear once you synchronize.   Claims will then appear to have a red X on them after the synchronization.

Solution 1 - Revoke and re-acquire claims

Revoke ownership of the claim in Claims Connect and acquire the claim again in Mobile Claims.  If you revoke ownership, any work that is not uploaded will be lost.   If you wish to confirm your work, go to Claims Connect and verify work before performing this action.

Solution 2 – Cannot revoke due to unsaved work/work not uploaded

If your work in Mobile Claims was not uploaded to Claims Connect do not revoke as all your work that has not been uploaded will be lost.  If this is the case, you can contact our support team and we may be able to upload the data for you.  We will need your .db and .ini files for us to be able to do this.  Our support team will guide you through the process.


Issue – Multiple instances of Mobile Claims

You may see this issue when you try to open your Mobile Claims.

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

Only one instance of Mobile Claims can be running at one



Solution - Restart the computer.

This issue can happen for multiple reasons.  You should make sure that you do not already have Mobile Claims running.  If you cannot find the program, the easiest solution would be to restart the computer.

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