User accounts are blocked if the user attempts too many logins with an incorrect password.  Company administrators are notified by email if this occurs.

The user will see the message "Your account has been temporarily blocked.  Please contact your system administrator for more information."

If you have received an email indicating that a user in your organization has a blocked account, follow these steps to allow them access.

1. Log in to Symbility Claims Connect and open the menu User Accounts by clicking on your name in the upper right.

On smaller screens, this can be access by clicking on the "hamburger" menu on the left.

2. On the User Accounts page, search for the blocked user or sort by the column heading "Status" (click the column heading to change the sort direction.)  Click on the user's record to open the Modify Account page.

3. Click "Unblock" to re-enable the user's account.  Save.

If you need additional assistance, or if you are the company's administrator and your account is blocked, please Contact us for assistance.

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