Setting Preferences

There are a few recommended settings to follow in your preferences. These settings will impact the appearance and functionality within Mobile Claims. Preferences are specific to a device, so these are one-time changes unless you start working off of a new device. 

To set your preferences from Mobile Claims, look in the top left hand corner of the screen and click the Symbility icon. Half -way down the drop-down menu, click Preferences.


The General Tab

A new window will pop open and you will be in the General tab. These are the standard settings but you can feel free to configure according to your needs.  

1.  Save Auto Recover info for the claim is set to every 1 minute. This will ensure that if the computer crashes or the program closes unexpectedly, all of your work up until the last minute will be saved. Please note that this does not replace the need to save your work as you go.

The Diagrams Tab

2.  Click the Diagrams tab to set the Diagram Preferences.

3.  Set the Roof snap to floor plan color to red .  This comes in handy if you ever want to snap a roof plan directly over a floorplan.

4.  Set Show dimensions in inches only for measurements less than to 12.” This means when you're adjusting dimensions, a measurement will be displayed to you as 1'2" rather than 14". 

5.  Deselect Superimpose Floorplan. 

The Items Tab

Click the items tab and you can configure settings related to the line items panel.

6.  Set Timeout for Quantity and note popup after dropping items to 5 seconds.  This will allow you a window of seconds to adjust the quantity as you apply the line item.

7.  Use the scroll bar down the right hand side to lower the view down.  Scroll down until you see Line Item View section.

8.  The Action Location is set to Before.  This will allow you to see what you are doing to an item (Tear Out, Replace, etc.) before the item the item description.

9.  Select Show column headers.  These will be visible to you in your line item view.

10.  Select Quantity and Unit Price.  These are common headers but you can select any columns that you wish to be displayed.

 The Photos Tab

11.  If you want to have a higher resolution photo select 1024 x 768.

12.  When you have set the recommended preferences select OK.

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