Rebuild Local Database – CoreLogic Mobile Claims


1. Log in to CoreLogic Mobile Claims


2. Release ownership of all claims *



An easy way to do this is the following:


  1. Click on the “Misc” menu
  2. Click on “Mark All Currently Owned - Claims for Release”
  3. Click the Home tab 
  4. Click the green Synchronize 



*If a user uses multiple CoreLogic Accounts, make sure that all claims are released for all accounts.
The local database contains data for ALL users using Mobile Claims in the computer. 



3. Once the Sync is successful, close Mobile Claims


4. Using Windows Explorer, go in the folder where Mobile Claims is installed

(typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Symbility Mobile Claims)


5. Rename the file “mClaim.db” to “mClaim_old.db” ( or any other name : it's irrelevant )


6. Rename the file “mClaim.ini” to “mClaim_old.ini” ( or any other name : it's irrelevant )



7. Launch Mobile Claims, log in and SYNC



-  All ItemDatabaseVersion files can be deleted in this process.
- Can help to resolve issues that are specific to databases
This will allow Mobile Claims to re-download a fresh copy of the item databases used for your claims.

- If your User works with multiple CoreLogic Mobile Claims environments ( Prod-US, Prod-CA, Staging etc. ),

Remember that Mobile Claims is independently installed for each of these environments.


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