Basic Information

What you need to do to transfer all of your Mobile Claims data to a new computer:

1) Release ownership of all claims on old computer.

2) Log into Mobile Claims on the new computer

That's it.  Step 1 transfers all you data to our server.  Step 2 brings a copy back .

If you log into Mobile Claims using more than one account, make sure to log in with all of them to release claims from each.

In order to be on the safe side, see "Keeping your database file as a backup" (below).   This is highly recommended when IT is doing the transfer.

Some testing points for a new device include:

a. Test the ability of the device to work well in tablet mode, particularly to draw and make selections with or without a pointing device.

b. Test the ability to switch back and forth between laptop and tablet mode while Mobile Claims is running.

c. Make sure a fully installed device communicates well (Synchronization) in and away from the office.

d.   Check the ability to pair and use Bluetooth devices, such as cameras and Distos.

-- Keeping your database file as a backup --

Although releasing all your claims should be all that you need to do for your claims, this would not save your temporary claims.  If you need to save temporary claims, or you just want to have a backup of your work from your old computer you can do this by taking the mClaim.db/mClaim.ini files.  This will ensure that everything you have on your old computer will be available to you on your new computer.

To copy/move the mClaim.db/mclaim.ini file, it is located in your Mobile Claims installation folder.  By default Symbility installation is located at either

C:\Program File (x86)\Symbility Mobile Claims\


C:\Program File (x86)\CoreLogic Mobile Claims\


C:\Users\[USER NAME]\AppData\local\programs\CoreLogic Mobile Claims

**you can use the file location  to open the AppData folder of your user.

Once you locate the installation folder look for the following files: 



**If you cannot see the file extensions, example the .ini, or .db at the end of the file.  Look at the File Type.

mClaim.db will be a [Data Base File] file type

mClaim.ini will be a [Configuration settings] file type

Make sure that you keep the DB+INI file of each user together.  They cannot be substituted from a set used by a different user.

Once you copy/move the mClaim.db/.ini files to the new computer, you will be able to start Mobile Claims and log in with all your old data on your new machine.

Advanced Information

-- Keeping your configuration Settings --

All your local Mobile Claims configuration settings are kept in the registry.

WARNING:  Only experienced technical personnel should be working in the computer registry.


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CoreLogic Solutions Inc.\Symbility Mobile Claims

You can Export that key in the Registry by

a) Opening your registry - Use command Regedit.exe

b) Browse to the key

c) Right-Click and select the Export option

d) Transfer the file to the new computer

e) Import the registry file on the new computer by double-clicking it

**Just a reminder that you will still need to install Mobile Claims to the new computer, these steps will not install the software.

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