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Setting up notifications is a good idea to ensure you are notified of important events.

The types of events you choose to be notified of will likely depend on your roll within

your company. There are four types of Notification Methods:


This type of notification is displayed in the form of a yellow sticky note when you log

into Mobile Claims and Synchronize. In Claims Connect internal notifications will be

indicated on the bell icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Internal notifications

are only displayed one time. Once you close the notification panel, the notifications

are automatically deleted.


Email messaging allows event details to be sent to any valid email address. These

messages may be retrieved on any email-enabled device.

Text Message (SMS)

Text messaging (SMS) sends event details to a text message-enabled cell phone.

The destination number and provider fields require input.


Voice messaging is facilitated by an automated system that reads the details of the

event to the receiver. Similar to the Internal messaging option, the message is automatically

deleted after receipt. The destination phone number field requires input.

How to Add Notifications

You can set up your notifications in Claims Connect. Log into Claims Connect and follow

the steps below:

1. Click your username in the top right-hand corner of Claims Connect.

2. Select Notifications.

3. Select Create a new method from the Commands panel to add an additional

method of notification.

4. Select the preferred Notification Method - Method: e-mail <or> SMS

5. Enter your e-mail or SMS in the Message destination field. You can click on Test

before saving each method to send a test message to that particular device. 
It is recommended that you test each Notification Method to ensure that messages

are successfully received.

6. Click Add.

7. In the Notification Subscription panel select the events for which you want to be

notified of.

8. Click Save in the top right-hand corner.

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