If you have created a test or training claim you may mark the claim as Invalid or Cancelled in order to prevent the claim from being billed.  Claims marked as Invalid or cancelled will not be charged if they are marked as Invalid in the same month they were created.  If you are setting a previously charged claim to Invalid or Cancelled in any month following the claim's creation, you receive a credit for the claim.

Please note:

  • Once a claim is marked Invalid or Cancelled you will lose access to the claim's diagrams, estimates, photos and forms.
  • You can only mark a claim as Invalid if you are the originator of the claim or an administrator on the account.

Follow these steps to mark the claim as Invalid or Cancelled in Mobile Claims or Claims Connect:

  1. Log into https://www.symbility.net/ (US customers) or https://ca.symbility.net/(Canadian customers) or Mobile Claims. 

  2. Open the test/training claim you need to mark as invalid. If you are in Mobile Claims, you will need to acquire ownership of the claim first.  

  3. In the claim, click on the claim’s status and select Claim Closed (invalid) or Claim Closed (Cancelled) from the drop-down. If you are in Mobile Claims, you can also click on the claim status at the bottom of the page to change the status. Marking a claim invalid deletes all of its information. 

 In Claims Connect: 















In Mobile Claims: 




4. Save the claim. If you are in Mobile Claims, be sure to save and upload the claim.


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