Why should I upload my claim?

Synchronisation only transfers minor data, such as journal entries and third-party orders. I need to upload the claim to transfer the Loss Summary and status changes, diagrams, estimates, photos, documents, forms, and other parts of the claim to the server. This will allow me to:

  • Share the full details with other interested parties
  • See the full details in Claims Connect and print to PDF (and attach to e-mail)
  • Backup my data in case of loss or failure of my devices (it is highly recommended to upload changed claims each day)

Releasing ownership includes upload. Upload does not include releasing ownership.

When would I download a claim?

If I want to see the details of a claim in Mobile Claims, I need to download or acquire it. I may not always want to acquire ownership, especially if I am a contractor or an IA that wants to view the claim before I decide to take responsibility for the claim and the related fees. If I download a claim, I can:

  • Get all of the up-to-date details and contents and attachments without taking ownership
  • Update the claim I already downloaded or own with details added by others
  • Automatically become a participant

Acquiring ownership includes download. Download does not include acquiring ownership.

NOTE: Downloading a closed claim automatically enables the “View this closed claim / completed assignment in Symbility Mobile Claims”. This can only be manually disabled in Claims Connect.

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