A claim will appear on your Claim List until it's completed: by either completing your assignment, or closing the claim.  (It may also appear if you've selected the "View this closed claim/completed assignment in Symbility Mobile Claims" option - see the steps below to remove this option and clear the claim from your list.)

How can I see claims that no longer appear on my claim list in Mobile Claims?

All of your previous claims are easily searchable from Mobile Claims while you're connected to the internet, and also viewable in Claims Connect.  For tips on searching in Mobile Claims and Claims Connect, please see How to... Search for Claims in Claims Connect and Mobile Claims.

Complete your assignment

  1. In Symbility Mobile Claims, open the claim that you would like to close and remove from your list.

  2. On the Claim Explorer tree (located on the left side of Mobile Claims by default), click on your company's Assignment. If you are the Originator of the claim, the assignment 'Originator' should be clicked instead.

  3. Clicking your assignment will bring up the Assignment window with the steps to complete in the claim.  Check the box to mark the Assignment Completed, and click OK to close the window. (Repeat steps 2 and 3 to mark the Originator assignment as complete if you haven't done so already and if you are the Originator of this claim.)

  4. Repeat these steps for any other claim you would like to remove from your list, and then release ownership of the claims. After the next time you synchronize, the claims will no longer be visible on your claims list.

Close the Claim

  1. If your company is the Originator of the claim and would like to mark this claim as closed, click the Claim Status dropdown in the upper left hand corner under the Home tab. Choose "Claim Closed" from the drop-down list of claim statuses.

  2. Make sure the "View this closed claim/completed assignment in Symbility Mobile Claims" checkbox is unchecked after you close the claim.

Verify if a claim is set to be viewed after your claim is closed or assignment is completed:

If your assignment has been completed or the claim has been closed, acquire ownership of the claim (or open the claim, in Claims Connect.)  Above the Loss Summary fields, a checkbox allows you to select whether or not you want to see the claim in Mobile Claims even after the claim has been closed or the assignment has been completed.

If you see that this box has been checked, uncheck the box.  Save and close the claim (Claims Connect) or in Mobile Claims, Save and Upload your changes, close the claim, then release ownership of the claim and synchronize.  After your next synchronization, you will no longer see the claim on the list.

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