In version 5.13, Symbility introduced the ability to use a Material Rollout Calculator in order to more efficiently calculate accurate quantities and waste for roll and sheet goods like carpet and vinyl. 

Users can manually define roll width and length and set their parameters to calculate how the material should be installed within an area.  The calculator will reference these attributes in order to evaluate the dimensions of the room, then lay out the material in order to minimize waste.  A graphical layer shows the cut lines and roll direction, making it easy to assess the layout of the materials.

This feature is available for all users in Mobile Claims (desktop application only.) A company administrator must first enable the feature. After the Material Rollout Calculator is enabled, adding a sheet good item (vinyl or carpet) to an estimate in progress will allow you to set attributes for the material and view the Rollout Calculator layer.

You will be able to:

  • Set default roll width and length, and the maximum T-seams allowed
  • Add items directly from the database in order to launch the rollout calculator layer.
  • Modify rollout by horizontal and vertical seams, and view the impact on waste
  • Link areas in order to link material rolls that are used in multiple areas
  • Define different material rolls by area

For a detailed overview of all rollout features, please see the the latest version of the Symbility User manual and online help section accessible from Claims Connect or Mobile Claims: Material Rollout Calculator.


A company administrator must enable the feature.  The settings to enable the rollout calculator can be found in MY COMPANY menu under Claim Defaults.  Select the Estimating tab and the section Rollout calculator.

Check Enable Rollout Calculator and define the Default roll attributes and the Waste settings.  (These defaults can be modified on the item level by the adjuster while writing the estimate in Mobile Claims.)

Item options:

Roll Width: Enter a standard width - ie, 12' or 6'

Estimating Width:Width taking into account that some amount on both sides may have some trimming during the installation process.

Roll Length: Typical roll length for the type of material

Cut Margin: Extra allowance for cuts that may not be precisely straight - usually a very small amount

Max T-seams: T-Seams are where seams come together in a "T" shape. The algorithms will try to follow this defined maximum number if possible.

Metric vs. Imperial

Imperial standards use North American default measurements.

Switching to metric will use European default measurements for rolls.

Using the Material Rollout Calculator

Launching the Material Rollout Calculator is as easy as dragging and dropping an item defined in the database as a sheet or roll item to your diagram (example in this image: Carpet, Wool 30 OZ.) Note, not every carpet item will launch the Material Rollout Calculator - for example, a "Remove" item from the database won't calculate the new layout of a carpet unless you combine it with a "Replace" item.)  

You will see a popup allowing you to define the Attributes for the roll.  For a more detailed explanation of each attribute, please see the User Manual. 

If you add the same item to another area in your diagram, the Attributes window will allow you to choose whether this is a New item or specify whether This item has already been added to another room(s) - this will enable you to link rolls between different rooms or areas.

The Ribbon Menu at the top of your screen will now include a tab for Rollout Calculator.  You can opt to view the Rollout Calculator layer and change the orientation of the rollout (Horizontal or Vertical.)

In the Line Items pane and on the estimate, a note will indicate the waste on quantity calculated on the materials.

Modifying the Rollout Settings

You can view or change the Rollout Calculator settings at any time by accessing the Item Properties.To access an item’s properties,double-click on the item within the Line Item pane or within the estimate.

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