Assigning Another Company to a Claim

For those companies who will need the capability to assign claims to a vendor (a Symbility user outside of their company) or add a Peer (a user or company outside of your company that is added to a claim as a participant) to a claim, Symbility has created multiple ways in which to accomplish this.

A company’s capability regarding assigning and adding peers and vendors to a claim will entirely depend upon how a company is set up when it is first created within Symbility.   

Company Set-Up

Vendor vs. Peer

The primary difference between assigning a claim to a vendor versus adding a Peer to a claim has to do primarily with the claim review process.  When an Intermediary company (see chart above) is assigned a claim they would determine to use the Vendor assignment or adding a Peer based upon their need to review the claim.  Use the following guidelines to make this determination:

Review and Approval Required – If an intermediary company wishes to review and approve the estimates for a claim before the originator can see the estimate it should be assigned as a             VENDOR.

Review and Approval Not Required – If an intermediary company does NOT need to review and approve the estimates before the originator of the claim can see them they would use the PEER option. 

How to Assign to a Vendor

The following is the process you would follow to assign a claim to a vendor:

1. With the claim opened, click on the ‘Assignments’ tab and then click on the ‘Assign’ button.

2. When the ‘Assign Claim’ dialog appears click on the ‘Vendors’ tab at the bottom.

3. Select the desired vendor by clicking on the checkbox.

Note: To assign the claim to a specific user within the vendor company, click on the plus sign beside the vendor company name and then in the list provided click the check box beside the user’s name you want the claim to be assigned to.

4. Click on the ‘Assign Selected Vendor(s)’ button at the bottom.

5. Select the type of Assignment for this vendor.

Note: These types were set up by your company previously and can be changed and edited by an Administrative user within your company if desired.

6. Add or edit the Notes field if so desired.

7. Click on ‘Assign’.

Accepting Assignments

Before a Vendor may begin working on the claim they have been assigned to they must first accept the assignment.  Although there is an option to automatically accept assignments, most companies will need to manually accept the assignments so they are aware of what claims are coming in.

Follow these steps to accept a Vendor Assignment:

1. Open up the claim by clicking on it in the Claims List.

2. Click on the notification in red text located directly above the ‘Documentation’ tab that is prompting you to review the pending assignment. 

3. In the dialog box that appears you will have the option to ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’ the Assignment.  You can also click ‘Cancel’ and no action will be taken.

Note: You will notice that the acceptance of an assignment also triggers the billing for a claim to your Symbility account.

4. If you chose to ‘Accept’ the Assignment the claim status will change to ‘Assignment Received’ and that action will also be reflected within the Timeline.

How to Assign to a Peer

1. With the claim opened, click on the ‘Assignments’ tab and then click on the ‘View Participants’ button.
2. When the ‘Participants’ blade opens, click on the ‘Add Participant’ button located at the top right-hand corner of the blade.

3. In this screen you will find ‘My Peer List’ at the bottom.  Click on the check box beside the company or individual you wish to add as a Peer to this claim and then click ‘Add Selected Peer’.

Note: To add a particular user from the company you are selecting to add as a peer you can click on the plus button (+) to the left of the company name and select the user(s) name.

4. You will then be prompted to select the Assignment under which you want this user or company to work under.  It will default to the Assignment you accepted when the claim was sent to you by the originator of the claim.  If you had multiple assignments for this claim you can select them using the drop down arrow.

5. The selected user or company will now be added at the bottom of the Participants blade and will appear under your selected assignment in the ‘Assignments’ tab.


Originator Permissions:

The Originator of a claim can edit any page added to the claim by any company (whether an assignee or peer), provided the Originator becomes a participant and acquires ownership of the claim, including ownership of the specific page if it was not acquired automatically.  Estimates created by assignees are visible to the Originator only if shared with the Originator or if the estimate has one of the following statuses: Completed, Rejected (Approval), or Approved.

Assignor Permissions:

If you are the Assignor of a claim (but not the Originator), you can edit any pages added to the claim as part of the assignment (e.g. diagrams, estimates, forms, etc.) by any Vendors that you assign to the claim or by any sub-assignees.  To edit pages in an assigned claim, you must first acquire ownership of the claim.  Estimates created by assignees are visible to the Assignor only if shared with the Assignor of if the estimate has one of the following statuses: Ready for Review, Completed, Rejected (Approval), or Approved. 

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