Assigning using Repair/Routing Rules

Repair/Routing options can allow you to assign an estimate to another user or vendor, however the routing options must first be set up by a company administrator before they can be used. These options can be guided by business rules and can be created to apply to multiple scenarios.  When Routing Options have been set up correctly the user can access them by following the steps below:

1. Open a claim.

2. Click on the documentation tab.

3. When looking at an estimate you will see “…” in the bottom right-hand corner.  Click on the “…” symbol and select ‘Repair Options’.

4. A blade will open on the right-hand side of the screen and show you your available options depending upon how your company has been configured. 


In the image above you will notice three options that were created for this company.  The stars beside the first option that is labeled ‘Field Adjuster (Staff)’ indicates the business rules are suggesting this route is the best option based upon those business rules.  If you select a route that is not suggested you may be prompted to add comments or explain why.  This too will vary based on company specific configurations of ‘Repair/Route Options Rules’.

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