You can easily find your Symbility ID in Company Info in the MY COMPANY menu.

Please note that only Administrator-level user accounts can access these settings.

1) Log in to Claims Connect at

2) Click on your name in the upper right and then select "Company Info".

On smaller screens, this can be access by clicking on the "hamburger" menu in the upper left.

3) The Symbility ID is displayed under "Company Type".


I don't have administrative access to my company's account and the Administrator is currently unavailable.  Can I find this information somewhere else?

Yes, you can also find the ID by viewing your company's Company Information page if you're currently participating in a claim.

1. Open the claim in Claims Connect.

2. Click on the ORIGINATOR at the top or "VIEW PARTICIPANTS"under ASSIGNMENTS tab to open the list of participants in the claim.   Clicking on the name of an individual participating in the claim will open the user information page related to the individual. Click on the Company name to view Symbility ID.

In Mobile Claims,

Click on the company name under "Participants" to open the Company Profile page.  Please note, clicking on the name of an individual participating in the claim will open a different information page related to the individual, so ensure you select the company.

3. Symbility ID is displayed under PROFILE.

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