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IMPORTANT UPDATE:  SEE  Minimum Operating System Requirements - 2024

Software download

Minimum Requirements for Symbility Mobile Claims

Windows XP or later OS

900 MHz CPU or better

512MB RAM or better

XGA (1024x768 or 768x1024 in portrait mode) or higher resolution

100MB free hard drive space

Internet connection (wired or wireless)

Download from Symbility website

Does Mobile Claims work on MAC => The answer is Yes as long as the user has installed a Windows Emulator

Release information

Claims Connect is tested to work with Internet Explorer versions from IE 7 and later

IE 6 may still work, but is no longer tested as of v5.4 (Q1 2014).

Install file:

Symbility_Mobile_Claims_PC_v.04.00.26 (or whatever the version is)

Running it extracts an MSI package in a random folder under %TEMP%

File locations

32 bit OS:

C:\Program Files\Symbility Mobile Claims

64 bit OS:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Symbility Mobile Claims

Registry key (regedit)

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Symbility Solutions Inc.\Symbility Mobile Claims







A file that looks something like u27303_claim.tmp will appear here when you are working in a claim for a period of time.The time correspondsto the Save AutoRecover setting in Tools à Preferences, General

The file is removed when work on the claim is saved or when the claim is exited properly. If this file exists when mClaims is started, then a crash is assumed and the user is prompted for what to do about it.



Temporarily holding associated downloaded files, such as those transferred with EagleView results.



A folder that temporarily holds software updates and retains an update log.



A series of pictures and instruction files.


Dynamic-link library

English language library


Dynamic-link library

French language library


Microsoft Database

An item picture database .There may be several of these.They are downloaded on demand or automatically when associated with a claim.(See Pricing Database Codes below)


Microsoft Database

A pricing database.There may be several of these.They are downloaded on demand or automatically when associated with a claim. (See Pricing Database Codes below)


Microsoft Database Locking File

This file should only exist when the MDB file is in use by the software.


Dynamic-link library

PNG image compression library


Dump file

This file is created when the software experiences a "controlled" crash. It contains information about the software's resources at the time of the crash.


Application file

The main Symbility Mobile Claims runtime application.


Settings file

Cached encrypted passwords used for logging into mClaims.


Microsoft Database

The local Symbility Mobile Claims database. Claim details are downloaded to this database during synchronisation, created and modified by the user, and   uploaded to the central database during synchronisation.


Dynamic-link library


Dynamic-link library

A support file for mClaimUpdate.exe.


This program runs when an update, upgrade, or patch to mClaims is available. It allows the update to be applied to mClaim.exe while it is closed.



Dynamic-link library

Microsoft Visual Studio support file


Dynamic-link library

Microsoft Visual Studio support file


XML Manifest

Contains information about the Microsoft Visual Studio DLL files


XML Manifest

Contains information about the Microsoft Visual Studio DLL files


Dynamic-link library

C++ Runtime Library


Dynamic-link library

C++ Runtime Library


Dynamic-link library

C++ Runtime Library


Dynamic-link library

Open Source HTTP client component


Dynamic-link library

HTTP client component


Dynamic-link library

HTTP client component


Dynamic-link library

A module that contains XML parser functions.


Dynamic-link library

A library file designed to make and input tokens for the Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) engine.


Dynamic-link library

Symbility Mobile Claims as a Multi-User Application

Symbility Mobile Claims was not written with multi-user support. We do not endorse nor support its use in this manner in this type of environment.

Data storage

The software uses a Microsoft Access database to store information locally. This database does get corrupt from time to time for reasons that are unforeseeable and unavoidable. When this happens, the solution is to remove the database, allowing an empty database to be recreated the next time the software is started. It is then ready to be re-populated with data downloaded during a synchronization.  When a database reset is performed, any work done on claims that have not been synchronized (uploaded or released) will be lost. In a multi-user configuration, you have the potential to lose all the work for many people at the same time.


The timing for the database compacting is based on user activity and is therefore difficult to regulate in a multi-user environment. The process can be initiated from the main menu once a user has logged into Symbility Mobile Claims but everyone else MUST be out of the software for it to complete. The database is locked for exclusive access by the user initiating the compacting in order to prevent database corruption.

We understand the need to use a VM or terminal-based multi-user system, but you must do it in such a way as to provide each user their own environment.

Q: What port do we use for synchronization?

A: Synchronization is done through web services (HTTPS).So port 443.

Note:The data received during synchronization is generally in XML format. Once the transfer is complete, the data file is used to update the local database.

IT Technicians

Are you preparing to distribute Mobile Claims for your company?  Download the CL-SYM-Symbility-US Technical Requirements and Mobile Claims Installation Guide v1.3 and Mobile Claims Setup and Auto-Update Guide below.
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