The image below shows a default layout of the software in Mobile Claims with a few of the elements of the program identified - but these elements can be customized on screen.

1. Hide the Claim Explorer

The pushpin icon at the top of the Claim Explorer allows you to Auto-Hide this panel.  Click it and the Claim Explorer will be hidden on the side when not in use.

Hover over the highlighted Claim Explorer label in order to view the full Claim Explorer.

At this point, click the pushpin a second time to pin the Claim Explorer in view again.


2. Move the Claim Explorer to another point on the page

Many users prefer to work with the Claim Explorer positioned on the opposite site of the items database to maximize work space.  You can reposition the Claim Explorer to the top, bottom, right or left of the screen by clicking the "Claim Explorer" text at the top of the Claim Explorer menu, dragging the menu to the center of the canvas, and hovering over one of the directional arrows that will appear.  Note the blue highlight on both the right arrow and the right side of the screen - this means the Claims Explorer will snap into place in the direction indicated.

It's also possible to float the Claim Explorer on one side or even the center of the canvas - but this could get in the way of diagramming, so be sure to snap the Claim Explorer into place by ensuring the side you want is highlighted in blue.

The image below is a floating Claim Explorer - this could get in the way of drawing the diagram!

3. Adjust your view of the Items database

The Items panel view can be modified by resizing the menu's components.  This can allow an expanded working space when navigating the items database.

First, expand or minimize the Items panel itself (click the tab once.)  The panes within it can be resized by selecting the adjustable blue bars and dragging them to the desired size size.  (Adjustable bars are highlighted here in yellow.)

Two different panes make up the Items panel: the Database pane and the Line items pane.  Clicking the symbol on either pane will maximize it, whereas the  symbol will minimize the pane.

The Database pane displays the different items available in the items database and, crucially, the blue box below the list of items displays a description of what is included in that item.  The Line Items pane indicates which items have already been added to each room, so by clicking different rooms on your diagram you will be able to see the estimate as you build it.  If you haven't selected a room in your diagram, a message indicates that there is no room selected.

4. Hide the ribbon

To maximize your working space on screen, the ribbon at the top of the screen can be hidden by double clicking one of the tabs at the top of the screen.  The ribbon will be displayed temporarily with a single click to one of the tabs (it will be hidden again once you click again on the screen.)  To lock the ribbon back into visibility, double click once again on one of the tabs.

5. Troubleshooting panels and displays in Mobile Claims

If a box or menu has disappeared completely, then close down Mobile Claims and then reopen again while holding the shift key until logon screen appears.  This resets Mobile Claims to the Default view settings.

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