At this time, Symbility does not have a tray ceiling or dropped ceiling (also known as a recessed ceiling) option.  

To diagram this type of ceiling, we recommend creating a room within a room, modifiying the ceiling heights, then adding missing portions to the exterior walls of the room within the room.  

Follow the instructions below to create a tray ceiling with modified ceiling heights ("Room 2" has a 10' ceiling height, and the main room has an 8' ceiling height.)

Step 1: Create the room within the room

For the moment there will be a portion of visible wall as the arrows below indicate.  The room within a room must be attached to a wall of the original room.

* Note - When doing a missing wall within a room, the floor space underneath and the ceiling space of the missing wall will not be calculated and should be accounted for separately if floor items are added.

Step 2: Modify the exterior walls of the room within a room to add a missing wall equivalent to 8'.

The surface for the top 2' for the tray ceiling will be within our room within a room - so make sure you are opening the wall editor from "Room 2" as in the example above, not "Room", in order to add a missing wall portion to the exterior of the room.

Step 3: Verify that the tray ceiling is set up correctly by viewing the wall editor from within the interior of your room within a room.  You will observe that the missing wall will only be for the bottom part of the wall and the top part of the inner wall will be visible, and you'll be able to select it to add items.

Step 4: Make sure that both walls are entirely missing where the arrows are showing.  If you forget a wall and add an item (like drywall) to the entire room, you will get drywall calculated for these walls. 

Step 5: Move your walls together in order to minimize the finished piece of wall 

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