To set a wall item to a particular height (for example, for a drywall flood cut), follow the steps below.

Wall heights can be set for a number of items: tile, paint, drywall, etc.

1. Drag and drop your wall items to the floor plan.  Ensure you're using a wall item, and not a ceiling item since these may be similarly named or set to the same category.

2. Select your item from the line items panel (to set the wall height, you will need to select the items individually.)  Right-click on the Set Wall Height icon.

3. The 3D wall viewer will open, with the option to modify the wall height using text entry and blue dimension arrows.  Click these arrows in order to modify the dimensions to your desired height or enter the height in the text box.

You will now see a note added to your item on the estimate indicating how the quantity was calculated.  

To return and modify the wall height if an adjustment is needed, you can re-click the Set Wall Height icon.

4. To set wall heights for individual walls instead of the full room, add the drywall item(s) to each separate wall and modify the wall height for each wall.

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