Delegated Authority is a status that an insurance company can give an assignee - giving them the same approval to make decisions on their behalf as if they were an internal assignee.  A vendor with delegated authority has the same permissions in handling a claim as the originating company.

Set up Delegated Authority as the default option for a vendor

1. From Claims Connect, click the Vendors tab to open the list of available vendors.

On smaller screens, this can be access by clicking on the "hamburger" menu on the left.

2. On the far right of the "My Vendor Group" table, click the link Options to view the available options for the vendor.

A small window popup will display the available options.  Check the option for "Delegated Authority", and click OK.

Set one-time Delegated Authority for an assigned Vendor

Open the claim where you require Delegated Authority set for a vendor, and click on their assignment.  A checkbox at the top right enables you to set or deselect the Delegated Authority option.  Click "Save".

Please note: it is not possible to add delegated authority to a sub-assignment.

Notes on workflow:

Delegated authority changes the workflow: the vendor to whom authority is delegated will have the same options the insurance company would normally have - as if they were an internal assignee. For claims where authority is delegated, this can modify the estimate statuses and options available to the vendor and their sub-assignees.

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