The Documents in the DOCUMENTATION tab is where you may add any supporting documents to a claim file (for example, invoices, reports, or other documentation.)  Individual documents and folders/subfolders of documents can be added as needed, with a simple drag-and drop in both Mobile Claims and Claims Connect.

Working with Documents - Important notes

  • Many file types can be added: for example, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf, .txt, .jpg, and email attachments.
  • Documents cannot be printed directly from Symbility Claims Connect or Mobile Claims, or as part of your print-out of the claim.  However, for added efficiency it's possible to directly open the file from Symbility with the application that handles that file type, and print from that application.
  • There is a maximum size limit of 1.0 MB for documents.  Contact Symbility Customer Care if you need assistance with the file size.
  • Documents can be shared with other participants in your claim.  You can opt to share (or unshare) documents across companies.

How to Add a Document from Mobile Claims

Drag and drop one or more files onto the Documents node, into a folder that exists on, or onto a document that is already attached to the claim. Or, right-click on Documents in the Claim Explorer and select Add Document.

How to Add a Document from Claims Connect

Drag & Drop to add documents on your computer.  You can also browse to navigate to your document, then click Open. The document will be added in to the claim.

How to Download and View a Document, or save it to your local files

Mobile Claims: to view a document in Mobile Claims, click the document to open.  

  • If you did not add the document in your instance of Mobile Claims, you must first download the document.  The option to download is available next to the file name.  If the file name is long, this option may not be immediately visible - to view the download box, resize the Claim Explorer by holding down your mouse on the blue box surrounding the Claim Explorer.  Release the mouse once the Claim Explorer is resized.

To download the document, click once to check the Download check box, then click the small Synchronize button on the right.  You will now be able to open, view and print the document.

  • Once the document is downloaded, double-click the document in the Claim Explorer.  It will open in the type of application normally used for opening that file (ie, Microsoft Word for a Docx. file or a PDF viewer for a PDF.)  You may then save it locally or print from the external application.

Claims Connect:

  • To open a document from Claims Connect: click on the Documents under DOCUMENTATION tab. You see documents added to a claim. Click the document and choose the "Open file" link in order to open the file in the correct application.

Sharing documents

A document you add to a claim is automatically viewable by all users within your same company. Documents must be shared in order to be viewable by participants from other companies. If you have been assigned a claim by an originator or intermediary company sharing with the company or companies who have assigned you the claim will be enabled on documents by default.  You can de-select sharing if you wish.

Overall, documents and folders can be shared with Originator, Assignors, Assignees, and Peers. The options available to you will vary based on your company's role in the claim and the other companies that are participating in the claim.

Note: Some default document folders may have their sharing permissions pre-defined by a company administrator as part of the claim structure, and these sharing permissions also apply to all documents and subfolders in the default folder, regardless of who added them. Any pre-defined sharing permissions on a default folder cannot be modified.

To share or unshare a document:

In Mobile Claims, right-click the document name.  Choose the sharing option you prefer.  After you save and upload the claim, the document will be visible to your intended company.

In Claims Connect, click on three dots at the right bottom of the document and select View properties to display the document information window.  Use the "Share with" checkboxes to define which companies will be able to access your document.

Sharing a folder

If you've added a sub-folder of documents to the Documents in a claim, you can also share this sub-folder easily.

In Claims Connect: Click on Share under DOCUMENTS and Choose the sharing option you prefer.

In Mobile Claims: Right click on Share with top open a Share New folder with window, and select the option you prefer.

Deleting documents

In Mobile Claims: Right click and choose the "Delete" option from the menu.

In Claims Connect: Click on Three dots at the bottom right in the document to open the document window.  Click on the three dots in the upper-right and select Delete.

If you have shared a document with another company, they will also be capable of deleting the document that was shared.

Frequently Asked Document Questions:

Why don't I see the option to share or delete my document in Claims Connect?

Why is the option to Share with... or delete greyed out when I right-click a document in Mobile Claims?

In order to modify documents in Claims Connect or Mobile Claims, it's necessary to be participating in the claim, and to have ownership of the document.

If another user in your company has ownership of the document, make sure that they've released it so you can make the changes you need.

Without ownership of the claim, you will be able to view and print the file, but you won't be able to delete the file or to change the sharing permissions.

I've added a document in Mobile Claims, why don't I see it in Claims Connect/why does someone else not see my document?

If you've added a document in Mobile Claims, make sure your documents have been uploaded so that they will be visible from Claims Connect and to other users.  For more on this please see the FAQ "Why do I see a full image not uploaded or documents not uploaded message?" 

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