Windows 8 Right-Click Issue

Modified on Wed, May 6, 2015 at 5:15 PM

NOTE: Windows 8 RT is not supported

How To Perform Right-Click On Windows 8 Tablet

Step I. Switch to Start screen and tap on Control Panel (PC Settings) icon to open Metro Control


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Step II. Click on More Settings to open the older style of Control Panel.

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Share libraries and deces with others or your hornegroup.
Windows Update
Get the atect updates for your D(
More settings
For ever more control go :o ze Detop Control Pane

Step III. Inside the Control Panel click on Hardware and Sound, Now select PEN AND TOUCH, choose the

properties option.

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Add d€vis ond prters
Connect to a pojector
Adjust commonly used
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Change settings lot handwriting personalization
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Change touch input settings
Tablet PC Settings
Cahbrate the screen for pen or touch input
Set tablet buttons to perfOrm cett&n tasks
Choose the order of how your screen rotates
Specify which hand you wilt, with

Step IV. Next click on TOUCH or press on TOUCH, click or tap on SETTINGS.

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vj Use your finger as an riput device
Enable muki-touch gestures and inkg
Toud actions
Use your finger to nteract wth items on the screen. You
can adjust the settígs for each touch action
Touch action Equivalent mouse action
Double-tap Double-dck
Press and hoki Right-click
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Step V. ENABLE press and HOLD for right-clicking by putting a check mark into the box. Next Press OK at the

bottom, followed by tapping or clicking on APPLY. This will enable the right click feature in windows 8.

You can also adjust how long you want to hold down or tap the screen in order for the right click action

to respond to your touch.