You can search for a claim, open or closed, in either Claims Connect and in Mobile Claims.

  • You will only have a claim listed in your results if you have the right to view that claim.
  • You can search by the claim number, the name of the insured, or the policy number.
  • The search will attempt to match the beginning or all of the field you are searching for, but not the middle or the end unless a wildcard is used (see Wildcards).
    • Example 1:  Search 'old' finds claim number OLD1-0028932-S04, or for policy OLD-SYS4339287, or for  clients Old Yeller or Jim Oldman
    • Example 2:  Search 'old' does not find claim 8001928346-OLD, or policy SYS4339287OLD, or for client Oscar Goldman or company 2 Old


Claims Connect

Log in and type your query into the search  on the top left.


Mobile Claims

From the Home page in Mobile Claims, select the "Search Claims" tab on the bottom of the page.  You may then enter your search query at the top left.



Wildcards can be added to your search in Mobile Claims.  The wildcard symbol % can be inserted in a search to indicate a variable string of characters. 


Search:  %-GZ





Search:  %-%07





Search:  GZ


NOTE 1:  Using wildcards will significantly increase the search time.

NOTE 2:  Using wildcards in Claims Connect is possible but will not always work due to how the % symbol is interpreted in Internet Explorer. % followed by 2 HEX characters (0-9, a-f) will be reinterpreted.  This is not a problem in Mobile Claims.

NOTE 3:  No wildcard is necessary at the end of a string of characters, since the search automatically returns results matching from the beginning of the search field.

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